Conversation, opinion and debate by two of the most curmudgeonly, egocentric and ill-informed gentlemen ever to cast a pod.
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Episode 31 "Can't see Pennsylvania without Brendan Fraser's eyes."

"The Boys are back. T gives us his favorite pet names for women, and the duo talk about the ultimate method of evacuation. Brought to you by the P.P.A."

At the request of one....

Episode 30 "A Gypsy Stole my Penis."

"T's brother 3petes your eardrums, and the trio hypothesize about genital swapping + BONUS Roast of Gary"

New podcast is up suckers.

Episode 29 "PaTerfamilias."

"T's Dad stops by to regale us all with tales of yore. Find out what kids did for fun before video games and instant porn, and what sound a cinder block makes when exploding next to a human head."

Sorry about the delay folks.
Two, count 'em, two new episodes are now up for you to enjoy and endure.

Episode 27 "Dial B. for Boring."
"It's F' All This Noise, now with 86% less comedy. T laments his inability to heal the world while Gary laments everything else. The duo demonstrate just how dour and humorless a podcast can be."


Episode 28 "Dear T."
"Advice for life, F' All This Noise style. T answers the questions you didn't ask, and helps you to achieve your true potential. Which is nothing."

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